Hebrew language

Most Hebrew words can be broken down to a root verb; an action. Even the nouns can usually be traced back to a root. They are objects that are used to carry out the action, have the action carried out on them or embodying the verbal action of its root. An example of this is אָמָד amad, which means, “He stood”. From which we get אָמוּד amud, something that has been passively stood, and left standing in accordance with someone else’s will. Going from one word to another is a case of following some simple, well known grammar rules, called a verbal paradigm.

However, this is not always easy. At some point, biblical Hebrew ceased to be an everyday spoken language, the Jews instead using the language of there foreign rulers wherever they were exiled. Since then many of the words have come into disuse and their original meanings replaced with concrete Greek influenced meanings, rather than there original pictorial, sensational meanings. A basic meaning of most of these words have been preserved in the text of the bible and rabbinical writings, others can only be guesses at by comparing other Semitic languages. In the case of some words used in the bible that have no known meaning at all! One such example is in Ezekiel 40, when describing the construction of the temple. A better explanation of this is presented by Jeff A. Benner on his website http://www.ancient-hebrew.org/.

In a time when biblical Hebrew was spoken as an every day language, I am sure that every word would be understood and readily traceable back to it’s root. Bringing to mind a network of vivid pictorial connections, tightly binding together the physical creation with the spirit word that created it. We can expect nothing less from a language formed by the spirit, for the express propose of containing the spirit; at least in shadow. Each word conveys a different aspect of it’s root, and are closely related to other words from the same root. In the present order of things we can only partly see this, much of it unfathomed and patiently waiting. It truly is the Glory of Yahweh to conceal a matter, and our glory, as prospective Kings and Priests, to search it out. Although we will only truly see the beauty of this when our lord returns and a pure tongue returned.


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