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Mary, Martha & Lazarus – the family in Bethany

Background to the gospel narrative

Before we look at Lazarus and his family, let us first establish the broader context: which can be summed up in the parable of the Vineyard (Mark 12). The “vineyard of Yahweh of Armies is the house of Israel, and the men of Judah his pleasant plant”, planted in the land and protected from the animal like nations surrounding it (Isa 5). The nation was not ready for the Father to dwell in their midst, his vineyard was “let out to husbandmen”, who initially, were the priesthood who were to minister unto the vine and nurture it to maturity. Continue reading


The aim of this blog is to gather together some of the many gems that are to be found in the original text of the scriptures. Often when reading a passage or studying a particular word we can stumble upon some amazing finds. Rather than jotting down on the back of an envelope only to be found a few days later in the top pocket of my newly washed shirt, it would be nice to collate these in a more durable location. Today is a good time to start, as it is the anniversary of my baptism into the memorial name Yahweh Elohim and the covenant of the promises to Abraham; the sure hope of Israel.

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