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Apologetics is from the Greek ἀπολογία which means “speaking in defence”. In an age where theories loosely based on scientific evidence are prevalent, it is important that believers “prove all things” (1 Thess 5:21). Many are turned away from their faith because of “scientific arguments” against the bible, and the belief that “science” must be right. What IS Science? but experimental observation of facts and theoretical models proposed to explain those observations. As new experimental observations are made, old theories are ether reaffirmed or falsified – new theories taking their place.

Unfortunately many popular scientists do not believe in a creator; hence the theoretical models they produce start from the premiss that everything happens by chance — evolution for example. We on the other hand believe in the bible because of the many prophecies that have already come to pass (see Here we aim to highlight some of the current scientific models that do include the creator, and show that they fit the evidence far better.

Greatest Hoax on Earth?

The Greatest Hoax on Earth? refuting Dawkins on evolution

While many continuously state the theory of Evolution as Scientific fact, Jonathan Sarfati shows that a fair review of the Scientific evidence overwhelmingly refutes this theory. His book “The Greatest Hoax on Earth? refuting Dawkins on evolution” is very nicely presented with a logical layout, supported by literally hundreds of Scientific Journal papers. This is a must for anyone presented by evolutionary ideas! Continue reading