The aim of this blog is to gather together some of the many gems that are to be found in the original text of the scriptures. Often when reading a passage or studying a particular word we can stumble upon some amazing finds. Rather than jotting down on the back of an envelope only to be found a few days later in the top pocket of my newly washed shirt, it would be nice to collate these in a more durable location. Today is a good time to start, as it is the anniversary of my baptism into the memorial name Yahweh Elohim and the covenant of the promises to Abraham; the sure hope of Israel.

When choosing a name for the blog my mind came to the last book of the Torah, the fifth book of the old Testament. In the English is called Deuteronomy, in the Hebrew eyleh dvarim אלה דברים, which as most books is taken from the first words of the book. A cursory translation of this would be “these are the words”, although the word davar דבר conveys far more than just the written or verbalised word. It describes the thoughts and intentions in the mind, and follows those thoughts through whatever medium they are conveyed by. Be it by word of mouth or by inscription in stone or parchment. Right up until the aims of such thoughts have been realised in physical form.

In this case the words and thoughts are of our heavenly Father, words and thoughts which were with him from the beginning (John 1). Spoken from off the mercy seat, between the Cherubim, faces to faces with his servant Moses. Words or thoughts which Moses the mouth of Yahweh gave to the children of Israel on the border of the land of Canaan. And these words were to prepare them for the role that they should play in the land, the thoughts of their heavenly Father were to be realised in them. They were to be Elohim אלהים (“gods” or mighty ones), children of the most high (Psa 82:6).

Now we, also typically on the border of the land, need to hearken to the words spoken from off our mercy seat… Yashua Anointed (Jesus Christ). Compare Heb 9:5 with Rom 3:25, in the Greek words ”mercy seat” and “propitiation” are the same word. And so we to must become manifestations of these thoughts or words, bearing the glory of the name in our foreheads.

Our hope is the hope of the promises given to Abraham, adopted into the nation of Israel by doing the works of our father Abraham (John 8:39, Rom 11).

Gen 12:3 – And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth shall cause themselves to be blessed.


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