Greatest Hoax on Earth?

The Greatest Hoax on Earth? refuting Dawkins on evolution

While many continuously state the theory of Evolution as Scientific fact, Jonathan Sarfati shows that a fair review of the Scientific evidence overwhelmingly refutes this theory. His book “The Greatest Hoax on Earth? refuting Dawkins on evolution” is very nicely presented with a logical layout, supported by literally hundreds of Scientific Journal papers. This is a must for anyone presented by evolutionary ideas!

The basic idea is that min מן or “kinds” were created by Yahweh, for example: Dog, Cat, and Lizard.  And these original kinds contained the full gene pool for all the variations of those animals observable today – so from a “Wolf” came all the other dogs, for example. Hence only a few, full gene pool animals were required on the Ark.

Sarfati agrees with natural selection and gene mutation as observed in nature now (numerous scientific papers provided). But shows that these mechanisms cannot add valuable information — hence cannot explain “goo to you” evolutionary theory — but serve to reduce the gene pool. And while natural selection can explain adaptation to environments by more suitable genes; removal of genes from the pool causes reduced ability to adapt to further changes in environments.

Another point Sarfati makes is that mutations are almost always destructive, and the microscopic number of beneficial mutations are insignificant enough so as to be “ignored” by natural selection. Additionally over each subsequent generation about 100 bad mutations are introduced through genetic copying. If the DNA had been replicating over the number of years that evolution demands, then human kind would have died out because of this breakdown in the DNA. Interestingly this model accurately accounts for the decreased life span of mankind throughout the Genesis record and into today’s time.

Sarfati presents a summary of his findings at the “Creation Super Conference 2011″… below is a video of this presentation: